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The Mr. G’s Story

When Francisco and Angelina Giardina arrived in New York from Polermo, Italy in1912, they brought something special with them—their recipes. And once in New York, as word spread about the quality of Mr. Giardina’s spaghetti sauce and other hearty Italian favorites, neighborhood kids began calling him simply, “Mr. G.”

Today, in just three American cities, a few of Mr. and Mrs. G’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren are serving old-world Italian dishes using those same recipes. Those cities are New York, Miami—and Fairlawn, Ohio.

The Giardina family uses several different homemade sauces in their entrees, including a Marinara made from a secret mixture of fresh tomatoes, purees and spices, and an Alfredo sauce that isn’t prepared until you order something requiring it. The meatballs are hand-rolled by Mark’s wife, Debbie Giardina (Mrs. G).

Come dine with us, and experience what authentic Italian food is all about.

Francisco and Angelina Giardina

Francisco and Angelina Giardina